One Arctic,
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Data & Analytics for monitoring remote geography.

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The Atlas

Monitor infrastructure, land, and the environment using one data source.
Analyzing geography should be as easy as writing a query. The work of acquiring and integrating geographic data can easily incur costs of $20k, and often duplicates the same efforts by others. The Atlas is a unified data source of clean near-ground aerial geographic data covering remote Alaska.

One Data Source.

All flights and missions integrate into one data source called the Atlas. With every flight, the Atlas becomes more accurate and comprehensive for all customers.

Near-Ground Data

Producing data a few hundred feet above ground, UAVs allow for centimeter-level data fidelity where satellites imagery falls short. While surveying typically requires helicopters or planes, using unmanned aerial vehicles and sophisticated modern sensors can reduce costs by 95%.

Integration as a Product

Drawing from expertise in software engineering, machine learning, analytics, and product, we specialize in challenging data integration and processing. From Silicon Valley to the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, our team brings together a specialized and unique expertise. The Atlas integrates data sources from both near-ground aerial data and openly available data.

Remote Surveying: Alaska

We and our partners support fully-licensed flight planning and execution for the most remote and difficult surveying operations. From photogrammetry to multispectral, we deploy sensing to reach the most remote environments in the Arctic with the latest technology with our network of pilots. Our network currently operates in Alaska.

Pilot: Remote Sensing of Ice Thickness

From the most remote islands of the Bering Sea to the Kobuk delta, we bring data together to solve remote analytics challenges. We piloted combining a near-ground sensor data with aerial photogrammetry to measure ice thickness.
Collaboration with K2 Dronotics, April 2018

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